Vans Presents Pipeline Masters, the Story of the World's Most Infamous Wave

Jul 26 2006 / Los Angeles, CA

On August 29, Vans “Off the Wall” Productions will release Pipeline Masters, the story behind the world’s most infamous wave, Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline. Distributed by Studio411, the film is produced by Stacy Peralta, Paul Crowder and Agi Orsi, the creative team behind the critically acclaimed Dogtown & Z-Boys and Riding Giants. Written by longtime surf journalist and Riding Giants screenwriter Sam George, Pipeline Masters is to be released on a 90-minute DVD and includes a picture booklet culled from the historical archives of Surfing magazine, plus extra DVD features including interviews and additional footage. A special edition Pipeline Masters with an accompanying hardcover book is slated for the holidays.

“The Banzai Pipeline is the most recognizable wave in the world, the most dangerous wave in the world and without doubt the most significant wave in surfing history,” said Pipeline Masters Producer Stacy Peralta. “With this film, we’re chronicling the sport’s greatest in search of making their mark upon it.”

Pipeline Masters takes viewers through six eras at the famed surf break on Oahu’s North Shore:

- Origins (1960s) – Before big prize money, thousands of spectators and armies of cameramen, the first surfers such as Phil Edwards and Butch Van Artsdalen paddled out to where no surfer had ever gone before.

- The Lopez Years (1970s) – A few thousand bucks for a prize purse, a few lawn chairs on the beach and a card table – this was the venue for the first Pipeline Masters in 1971. Gerry Lopez established himself as the master of Pipeline in the early 70s.

- Free Ride (1976-1980) – The start of the World Tour and a revolution in backside surfing … Shaun Thomson, Mark Richards and Rabbit Bartholomew burst on the scene.

- The Athletes (1980s) – Surfing goes high tech with three fins courtesy of Simon Anderson’s ’81 win. Tom Carroll, the Ho brothers, and Mark Occhilupo all dominate.

- New School (1990s) – The vertical era of surfing takes hold with talents like Kelly Slater, Sunny Garcia and Shane Dorian taking surfing at ‘Pipe to new heights.

- Generation Now (2000s) – The Irons brothers and a freakish Jamie O’Brien … surfing’s biggest stars make their mark at Pipeline.

Pipeline Masters will premiere at the U.S. Open of Surfing Film Festival in Huntington Beach, CA on July 27 will also be screened in Los Angeles, New York, Honolulu, San Diego and other select cities in August.


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